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Start your journey to wearing dresses that fit by navigating through the website.  Follow these steps when you click the Shop link:

1) Select a Body Shape - the page will describe the various body shapes.  Over 75% women have what some call as "pear shape" bodies.  We don't like referring to women's body shapes as fruits, so we use the term "Triangle shape".  The Hourglass represents around 8% of body shapes, but yet most models you see for dresses are this shape.

2) Select a Model that best matches you - we are continually adding models of different variations of a body shape to get as close of a representation to your actual body shape.  The idea is if you find a model that has the same Body Shape as you and the model looks good in the dress, and you look like the model, therefore, you will look good in the dress.  Most shopping websites use a thin model to display the dress.  If you are not of the same body shape as the model, it makes it hard for you to decide if the dress will look the same on you as it does on her.  At Kara Bazma, we do many things differently, and we understand the issues that women face when it comes to shopping.  This is why we have gone with the approach of finding models of different variations of Body Shapes (tall, short, thin, thick, long legs, long torso, etc) to wear our dresses so you can get a more accurate view of how the dress might look on you.  By going through this approach of having models of all different shapes and sizes, making the dress to your measurements, and offering a 100% money back guarantee, we feel you will have a great shopping and wearing experience with our Kara Bazma dresses.

3) Select a Collection - we are continually adding new dresses and new collections.  A collection defines the overall philosophy of the dresses.  We'll be adding Fashion Designers to create their own Collections.  We have found that women tend to shop by collections, meaning you find a dress from a Design Label that you like that you would most likely go back to that Design Label because you liked the style/design.

4) Select a Dress - the selection of dresses within a collection is continually expanding.  Choose from combinations of sleeveless to sleeveless along with fabric choices and colors to find the right dress for you and the occasion.



We have created our own software that can redraw a dress pattern to a woman's exact measurements.  Along with customizable choices like how high/low to make the neckline, how high/low the hem line, fabric color, fabric type, sleeves, etc you can order the perfect dress that fits you, your style, and the occasion.

Once you are ready to order, click the Sign Up link to register to the site.  Select a dress and purchase.  A  Measurement Kit will be mailed out to you.

The Measurement Kit consists of a tape measure, rubber bands, stickers, twist ties, and fabric swatches, bundles in our custom made bag. 

When the kit arrives, someone other than you will follow our video instructions on how to measure you. 

Once you have your measurements, you enter them into the website to complete your order.


You will receive email alerts from us on when your dress will be ready (most orders are completed within 48 hours).

We offer a 100% money back guarantee.  If the dress doesn't make you feel good, doesn't flatter you, doesn't fit your body, then we'll refund your money.  We believe that through the measurement instructions and the pattern resizing to your body measurements, that this dress will fit you better than any off-the-rack dress.

We are committed to bringing you a new kind of shopping experience and offering services that have never been seen before.

If your dress gets damaged from wearing it out and about, we offer a re-order discount to allow you to receive the same dress again.  With off-the-rack dresses, once you buy the dress, chances are slim to none that you will be able to find the dress again. This is due to the Design Label making a limited number of dresses in their production run.  The dresses could sell out or be discontinued.  At Kara Bazma, because all dresses are custom made, the dress design never gets discontinued. You can re-order the dress you loved, to get a new one at a discount.

Another situation is that you have gained or lost weight.  Because of this, your clothes don't fit you anymore.  With Kara Bazma, you can easily re-measure yourself and update your measurements and re-order the same dress at a discount, but at your new size.  Your body weight/shape can change, but you can enjoy wearing the same dress style by re-ordering the same dress at a discount.

With your measurements in our database, you can easily and quickly order a new dress.  A special occasion may come up that you wish to purchase a new dress. Instead of running around town to try on dresses, you can come to and view the dress selections (new ones are continually being added), to find the right style and color.  A few clicks to purchase and your dress will be made.

copyright 2010 Kara Bazma Inc  - Made in USA - 100% money back guarantee  - FREE shipping in USA

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