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The idea for Kara Bazma came to me in a dream back in November 2008.  I do all my problem solving at night when I am sleeping and for some reason, the problem of how to make clothes fit women popped into my head.  When I woke up, the solution was clear, use technology to resize a dress pattern.  That morning, I researched online about pattern software and found some.  I thought it was great that I could use existing software to create a business and combine it with internet marketing.

I purchased one software, along with finding a 42" wide plotter on craigslist, and tried it out.  I found a seamstress on craigslist as well and when she looked at the pattern, she said that there were some issues with it.  I paused for a moment at the apparent dead end, and the thought came to me that I should create a pattern resizing program.

Over a year later, the process is working, and thus, the birth of Kara Bazma (website went live Feb 9th at 3:09pm EST for soft launch then official launch July 7th).

The original concept of Kara Bazma was "custom made little black dress for every body shape".  The "little black dress" part was limiting, as there are other colors and patterns, and styles of dresses.  The idea of designing for specific body shapes was changed since the software could scale to any body shape.  The issue is whether it looked good on that body shape.  This is where fashion stylists help with picking out dress designs that complement the various body shapes.

Being a techie dot-com survivor, I thought of company names like Little Black Dress and other variations.  When I surveyed some women on the idea, they loved it, but didn't love the name.  They told me that if someone asks me where they got their dress, they didn't want to rattle off some cold sounding dot-com name.

After doing some brainstorming with my wife, we came up with "Kara Bazma", which loosely translates from Turkish to mean "black fabric".

"Kara Bazma" is not a person, there is no Kara.  Kara Bazma is more of an abstract idea that clothes can be custom made for women at reasonable prices.  The name also has an international type feel like other designers such as Donna Karan.

Everything about this venture is unique.   All dresses are custom made to a woman's measurements.  There is a Measurement Kit that is ordered first.  When it arrives to a woman's home, someone other than her will follow the video instructions from the website to use the contents of the Measurement Kit to get the measurements.  The numbers are entered into the website and the woman can now choose her custom options for the dress.   We offer 100% money back guarrantee.  If the dress does not fit you correctly, you don't like the style, it doesn't make you feel good, then return it and get your money back.  We stand behind our product and realize that sometimes things don't always fit or it may look differently on you then what you thought from the website.

In order to avoid having the industry average of 12% returns from web-based clothing sites, we present our dresses in a very different way.

From browsing at various websites, what I see is a lot of skinny models showing off the clothes. Some websites breakdown dresses by body shape, but if you select a "pear" shape and then view the results, you are seeing skinny models that clearly are not pear shaped.

As a woman who is not a skinny model, I can see how hard it would be to relate to the photo to imagine how that dress would look on you.

On  we use models of all different body shapes.  When you come to the website, before you can see any dresses, you have to first select a Body Shape:  Triangle, Inverted Triangle, Rectangle, and Hourglass.  Once you have selected a body shape that best matches your body shape, then you select a model that looks closest to you.

We are expanding our line of models, since given a body shape, there are many variations, short/long torso, thick/thin, etc.

After you have selected a model, then every picture going forward will be the model you have chosen.  If the model looks good wearing the dress, its a good chance it will look good on you.  Combined with the fact that the dress is made to your measurements means that you can finally have dresses that fit and flatter you, rather than going by chance when flipping through the rack or looking online.

All dresses are made in our Jacksonville, FL USA factory.  As I was developing the idea, I surveyed over 100 women, asking them various things about how clothes make them feel, the fit, etc.  After I was done, a surprising large percentage asked me the same question, will it be made in the USA?  My answer was absolutely yes, since these were custom made.  It could be possible to send the resized pattern electronically overseas, but then would have to wait for shipping to get back.  There are several men's suit website that have this model and have many happy customers. But, I want to be able to control the quality and I want money to stay in the US. 

We pay significantly higher wages than factory workers overseas.  We are able to do this because there is no middle man, no wholesalers, no distributors.  We sell directly to the consumer that allows absorbing a higher labor cost, and maintaining a good profit margin.

You will see this website grow, from adding on more dresses, to adding on pants, vests, jackets, etc.  The website will evolve into a woman's portal, delivering the same quality of effort that goes into our core product, the custom made dress.

If you have had problems finding dresses that fit you, then give us a try.  You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.  

-brandon, founder and CEO


Intro Video - Kara Bazma venture

Measurements Video - Demonstration of the Measurement Kit

Factory Tour Video

Sewing Video

Photoshoot Video

Conclusion Video

copyright 2010 Kara Bazma Inc  - Made in USA - 100% money back guarantee  - FREE shipping in USA

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